Mag ski tie skinny ski size : up to 2 "

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Designed for traditional Cross Country, Nordic, Classic, and Skate skis.

Each ski tie has a rare earth magnet capable of holding 17lbs.

Weather resistant Nylon rated for outdoor use.


  • Magnetically attaches skis to a vehicle allowing for easier loading and unloading. Prevents skis from crashing to the ground when bumped or blown by wind.  Skis will not slide against your vehicle.  
  • Keeps multiple pairs of skis aligned and orderly in a ski bag.  
  • Connect multiple pairs of skis via the MagSkiTies for easy transport to the trail.
  • Prevents skis from rubbing and protects ski edges and bases.
  • Slim profile allows efficient use of storage space and great for easy access during long and short term storage.  
  • Magnetically attach and hang skis on any metal surface.
  • Attach ski ties together to prevent blow away and the bright yellow color makes the ties easy to locate.
  • One pair hold up to 34lbs and are constructed with weather resistant nylon.



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