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Lost & Found



Find a disc with someones name on it?? Please bring it to Rock On Wheels, we’ll log it into the Lost & Found list and you’ll get a $3 store credit! Lose a disc at one of the many disc golf courses in Cheyenne? Check our Lost & Found list below, we hold discs for 6 weeks and it’s only $3 to get it back. If you choose not to take the credit. It does not cost to retrieve. Unclaimed discs get donated to the junior leagues or somewhere that lets the sport grow.


Name / Date Received Phone Number Special Markings Description Box Number
H. Roth 30*-75*-26**   Insanity Fission 1-1
Ben 30*-42*-**10   Innova Star Mako3 1-2
Donny G *70-*31-**55   Westside Underworld 1-3
No Name No Number   Innova Dragon 1-4
No Name No Number   Discmania Mentor 1-5
No Name No number   Innova Beast 1-6
No Name No Number   Innova Boss 1-7
No Name 307-2X4-9XX4   innova lion 1-8
Josh M. 719-4X0-4XX6   Westside Tursas 1-9
No Name 30*-6*9-**86   OTB Open 1-11

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