Discraft Buzz starwars sparkle full soil storm trooper 179g 5/4/-1/1

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Discraft Buzzz Star Wars Storm Trooper

Discraft has made Star Wars Disc Golf possible!  Star Wars Storm Trooper is a solder for the Galactic Empire in in the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas.  The Storm Trooper is well known by being the soldiers for Darth Vader's army.  The Disc Golf Star Wars Storm Trooper is calling on you to help the dark side adapt to the ever growing sport of Disc Golf.

There are three different plastics Discraft made the Star Wars discs in:

Super Color - Bold strong colors that pop

Prism Full Foil - Has slightly less bold colors, but a rainbow-like shine

Sparkle Full Foil - Slightly less bold colors, but has glitter like specs

This one has a mark going down the left side of the disc. See picture. That is why price is

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