Lost & Found



Find a disc with someones name on it?? Please bring it to Rock On Wheels, we’ll log it into the Lost & Found list and you’ll get a $3 store credit! Lose a disc at one of the many disc golf courses in Cheyenne? Check our Lost & Found list below, we hold discs for 6 weeks and it’s only $3 to get it back. If you choose not to take the credit. It does not cost to retrieve. Unclaimed discs get donated to the junior leagues or somewhere that lets the sport grow.


Name / Date brought in Phone # markings description box
No Name Sep 29   Custom Stamp Force 3-2
Jakob S Sep 29 307 2x6 1xx3   TL 3-3
Austin S Oct 2 307 x5x xx10   Katana 3-5
K Mead oct.8 28786xx   latitude 64 3-6
aaron oct. 8 81444121xx   compass 3-8
Rick Nov. 27 307-x2x-xx68   Servo 3-10
No name Nov. 27     groove 3-11
T. Carter Nov. 27 307-x3x-xx30   wraith 3-12
Native Nov. 27 303-x5x-xx61 d3- pink sticky's Boss 3-13
Clark Nov. 27 559-x9x-xx70   Royal Rive 3-14
Roth Nov. 27 307-x5x-xx83   Shark 3-15
No Name Nov. 27     Beast 3-16
Kaden Nov 27 307-x7x-xx14   TL 3-18
Clark Nov 27 559-x9x-xx70   Evader 3-19
KY Nov 27 5x2-x4x-xx07   Ahti 3-20
No name Nov 27     whale 3-1
no name Dec 3     Valkyrie 3-17
Eric Kilmer Dec 3 307-2x7-24xx   striker 3-21
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