Lost & Found



Find a disc with someones name on it?? Please bring it to Rock On Wheels, we’ll log it into the Lost & Found list and you’ll get a $3 store credit! Lose a disc at one of the many disc golf courses in Cheyenne? Check our Lost & Found list below, we hold discs for 6 weeks and it’s only $3 to get it back. If you choose not to take the credit. It does not cost to retrieve. Unclaimed discs get donated to the junior leagues or somewhere that lets the sport grow.


Name / Date brought in Phone # markings description box
Kelley H./ 06.04.21 805-286-xxxx   star eagle 1 -1
no name / 06.04.21     haydes 1-11
no name / 06.04.21     aviar x3 1-2
matt R. / 06.04.21 970-889-xxxx   pro wraith 1-3
Jonathan Katchmar 307-421-xxx   Tesla 1-4
heather 307-221-xxxx   wildcat 1-5
Tom 307-421-xxxx   Discraft  Esp HEat 1-6
Ben 307-214-5xxx   Pro Valkyrie 1-7
Michael 580-2200xxx   Pro Leopard 1-8
krista 307-757-xxxx   discraft ace race 1-10
no name xxxxxxx   Latitude Sapphire 1-11
Dayton Cr. ?06.22.21 307-221-xxxx   Prodigy D1Max 1-12
caleb Workxxx 07.02.21 662-322-xxxx   nuke 1-15
humphrey 07.02.21 757-xxxx   M1 1-16
No Name07.02.21     bounty 1-17
kacey 07.02.21 214- xxxx   force 1-18
marcus clxxxx 07.02.21 920-573-xxx   destroyer 1-19
Tyler 07.02.21 275-xxxx   dd3 1-20
no name xxxxxx   raider 1-21
no name xxxx   undertaker 1-22
no name xxxx   tresspass 1-23
no name xxxxxx matchplay   1-24
Matt  07.05.21 307575xxxx      
      buzz 1-25
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